Lennox X6675 Air Filter (MERV 16) Overview

Lennox X6675 Merv 16 Air Filter – is one of the best air filters available

The Lennox X6675 Air Filter represents the absolute best, most efficient particle filtration available anywhere short of a complete HEPA system. Lennox Industries is currently the only manufacturer to offer a MERV 16 filter, and the X6675 in the 20″ x 25″ x 5″ is one of the most popular sizes.

For many years, the MERV 10 Space-Gard filter system was the widespread leader in whole-house filtration, but the Lennox X6675 air filter has “changed the game.” Because of its excellent air flow characteristics (relative to other high-MERV filters) and outstanding particle filtration capabilities, the Lennox X6675 protects the health of your family or employees as well as the condition of the heating and cooling equipment in which it is installed.

The X6675 Lennox air filter  has become one of our most popular products for several of the reasons mentioned above. There is no doubt that each X6675 filter costs approximately three times as much as the MERV 10 alternative, but for people with allergies, asthma, or who simply care more about their health and the condition of their HVAC equipment, the MERV 16 option is a great value. As you consider your filtration options, consider that the Lennox X6675 filter typically only needs to be replaced one or two times per year.

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