Furnace Tips for Savings and Comfort

    1. Operate your thermostat consistently. Recommended settings are 68 – 72 degrees during the daytime and 64-68 degrees during the night or at times when the house is empty for more than 5 hours. Digital setback thermostats can do this automatically for you. We highly recommend them.
    2. Keep windows and doors shut. Some people like fresh air, but it does cost money to heat and can also add to uncomfortable drafts.
    3. Airflow to rooms can be controlled to a certain extent by closing off some registers with the built-in louvers. Be cautious when closing off too many, because it can lead to high operating temperatures within the furnace.
    4. Don’t block off any intake louvers or grills that provide air to the furnace or duct system. Doing so can adversely affect the operation and safety of your furnace.
    5. Be sure to keep the air filter clean. Once-a-month replacement is recommended for everyone with 1″ disposable filters – but may not be necessary for everybody. Pets, children, etc. can all contribute to dust and dirt thus requiring more frequent maintenance.
    6. Have your furnace tuned, cleaned and inspected by a qualified technician once a year. This will help keep your furnace efficient and safe. Find a local contractor in your area.