Tips to Prevent Heat Loss

There are many ways you can help prevent heat loss in your home. Some of the most prevalent ways that will give you the most bang for your buck are listed below. Your HVAC depends on you, the homeowner to complete the necessary steps below in order for it run as efficiently as it should.

1.) Replace air filters

A dirty furnace filter will block the flow of air and will slow down heat movement throughout the house.

2.) Clean air vents

Similar to a dirty filter, dust buildup in floor vents can block air flow and prevent heat from moving freely.

3.) Cover/Insulate exposed piping

Uninsulated piping from your furnace or water heater allows the heat to escape easily and will cause those systems to have to work harder to generate the desired level of heat.

4.) Check for holes or cracks on the outside of your home

Often times the foundation and siding of a house can become cracked, which allows air to flow in and out of the house.

5.) Check your windows and doors

Insufficient window and door seals are a major cause of heat loss; however, this problem can easily be fixed with sealant or caulk.