Aprilaire 700M Humidifier Overview

The Aprilarie 700M humidifier is new in the family of Aprilaire residential whole house humidifiers that replaces prior model series 768 and 760 series. The 700M has a close resemblance to the Aprilaire 700. The Aprilaire 700M differs with its Manual humidistat (versus the automatic humidistat included with an automatic Aprilaire 700 purchase).

The Aprilaire 700M state-of-the-art fan powered delivery, works efficiently to remove the ill-effects of dry air in your home. Its functioning parts include a 24V transformer, saddle valve, and digital humidistat to allow you to have complete control over the humidity delivery level of your home. With unmatched efficiency, the Aprilaire 700M delivers up to 50% more moisture when compared to other comparable units available on the market. The Aprilaire 700M humidifier yields an evaporation capacity of .75 gallons per hour.

As one of the best units from Aprilaire, the Aprilaire 700M provides the perfect living environment for you and your family. The Aprilaire 700M model enables the owner to keep close control on the humidity level of the home when setting the humidistat (control). It has everything necessary to establish itself as a leader among other similar manually controlled humidifiers.

Working in tandem with your heating and cooling systems, the Aprilaire 700M introduces humidity in the form of water vapor, into the air while retaining harmful minerals that are captured in the Aprilaire 700M humidifier… so these don’t enter your home’s air or lungs! The Aprilaire 700M spreads moisture evenly and quickly, to reduce the damaging effects of low humidity levels.

Keep you and your loved ones healthy with quality air delivery with an Aprilaire 700M Humidifier installment in your home. Applying an Aprilaire 700M humidifier will largely prevent problems and health risks including dry skin, lips and nose, sore throat, symptoms of allergies, respiratory problems, static shocks; and on your house: chipping paint, cracking wood floors and damaged furniture to name a few.

If you need any more information or have any questions as you consider an Aprilaire 700M Humidifier purchase, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team at 855-932-4822