Do I Need a Humidifier? A Humidifier Overview

Humidifiers are rapidly becoming essential household appliances for those seeking more comfortable home air quality. They are are used primarily during the cold dry months in winter to increase the moisture level in the home. Humidifiers are used for humidifying single rooms (Portables) or used to cover Whole House, delivering humidity via vents throughout the home.

The primary purpose of a humidifier is health related in nature as it’s used to reduce effects of dry air on allergies, asthma, nose bleeds, dry skin and chapped lips. Additional benefits to humidifying is reduced occurrences of static electricity, cracking of furniture, paint and wallpaper and destruction of wood flooring or cabinets which occur due to increased heating in the winter months.

Humidifier output can be regulated by setting the humidity levels of the thermostat that’s typically included with your humidifier purchase. Setting the humidistat (or control) at the recommended manufacturer’s settings will result in optimum energy savings. Humidifiers save the consumer energy and money. Taking this into consideration, manufacturers ensure they include specific operator instructions within the Owner’s Manual so humidifier units best minimize energy consumption. Be sure to keep it set between the recommended humidity levels to maximize your energy savings. The optimal relative humidity range in a home environment is between 40% – 60% for properly constructed homes in most parts of the country. Humidity levels in an indoor environment must be carefully managed as excess humidity can lead to growth of mold and mildew and can foster growth of bacteria and other micro-organisms.

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What is the Need for Increasing Humidity? Humidifiers are used in homes and workplaces that in which the air is unacceptably dry. Dry air refers to air lacking adequate water vapor while humidity can be defined as the measurement of the atmosphere’s water vapor level. Absorption is related directly to the relative humidity. Low humidity levels lead to a high evaporation rate while it’s the opposite for a room with high humidity levels as it normally has a low evaporation rate.

Cleaning your Humidifier requires cleaning whether you have a portable or a whole home unit. Portable room humidifiers should be cleaned weekly if used daily. Whole House Humidifier units should be cleaned at least annually. Bear in mind, cleaning instructions must be compatible with your unit. The manufacturer’s cleaning instructions for both styles can be found in the Owner’s Manual. Maintaining appropriate cleaning and maintenance of your humidifier ensures your unit reaches optimum performance, conserves energy, and lasts for many years.