Humidifier Water Panels Replacement Guide

The water panel, also known as the evaporator pad, must be replaced periodically to maintain efficient, effective and economical operation of your humidifier.

Frequently we get asked the question, “I have a whole home humidifier, but how can I tell which water panel replacement filter I need?” Good question! Let this chart below serve as a quick guide to show the water panel you need for your specific humidifier.

Please Click Here to read “Humidifier Maintenance – Bypass and Fan-Powered Units” for information about how to change your humidifier water panels and perform other humidifier maintenance.

In many cases, there is good interchangeability among different brands of water panels and humidifiers.  However, in other cases, it is best to match the brand of the water panel with the brand of the humidifier.  In the table below, the water panel models that are recommended for each type of humidifier are listed.

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Aprilaire Humidifiers

Humidifier Model Water Panels
110 AP10
112 AP12
136 AP12
220 AP10
224 AP12
330 AP30
350 AP35
360 AP35
400, 400A, 400M AP45
440 AP12
445 AP12
500, 500A, 500M AP10
550, 550A, 550M AP10
558 AP10
560 AP35
568 AP35
600, 600A, 600M AP35
700, 700A, 700M AP35
800 AP80 (Canister)
1120 AP1200
1130 AP1200
1140 AP1200


Essick Air Humidifiers

Humidifier Model Water Panels
EP9 500 1043
EP9R 500 1043
EP9 700 1043
4D7 800 1041
4DTS 300 1041
447 400HB 1041
EA1201 HDC311
H12 300HB 1045
H12 400HB 1045
ED11 910 1041
ED11 600 1041
697 500HB 1041
696 400HB 1041


Lennox Humidifiers

Humidifier Model Water Panels
WB2-12, WB3-12 AP10
WB2-17, WB3-17 AP35
WB2-18, WB3-18 AP35


Honeywell Humidifiers

Humidifier Model Water Panels
HE220A, HE220B HC22E1003Anti-microbial HC22A1007
HE225A, HE225B HC22E1003Anti-microbial HC22A1007
HE260A, HE260B HC26E1004Anti-microbial HC26A1008
HE360A, HE360B HC26E1004Anti-microbial HC26A1008
HE300A, HE250A, HE200A HC26E1004Anti-microbial HC26A1008
 HE150A, HE100A HC22E1003Anti-microbial HC22A1007


GeneralAire Humidifiers

Humidifier Model Water Panels
65 65-5
81 81-15
800 880 (5-Pack)
1040 990-13
1042LH 990-13
1099 1099-20
1137 990-13


If you are unable to find the right water panel for your humidifier or if you have any questions, please contact our customer service department: 1-855-932-4822.