Maintaining Proper Humidity with a Whole House Humidifier

It is essential to maintain the humidity in your home at 40 to 55%. Nevertheless, the use of the furnace can drop the humidity to as low as 5% which can affect your health, furniture and even your electricity bills. The lack of sufficient humidity heightens respiratory problems and extracts moisture from furniture. So the best thing is to install a humidifier in your home or office.

You can find humidifiers from various leading companies in various shapes and sizes in the market. HoneywellAprilaireLennox, and many more are well known manufacturers of whole house humidifiers. Before buying you have to make a choice for a humidifier by taking your comfort, health and size of your home or office into consideration. You can also compare different types and models of humidifiers by looking to the detailed specifications. By selecting the right humidifier, you can achieve the utmost benefit for your home or business.

Online shopping portals offer different types of humidifiers. There are fan powered, steam, and bypass humidifiers. The most popular humidifiers are bypass humidifiers, which utilize a media panel to allow air to pass from the supply duct, pick up moisture, and re-enter the system in the return duct. The power spray models use an internal fan along with a media panel to push water vapor into the air stream.

If you have a humidification requirement for your home or office, then you need a central humidifier that is installed on the heating system. It is advised to purchase a whole house humidifier that is sized correctly so you can maintain the right moisture level, and sizing will depend on several factors including the climate in your area. Central humidifiers ensure the proper humidity level all year round.

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