What Are the Quietest Types of Portable Humidifiers?

oskarUltrasonic Humidifiers are the quietest available on the market. There
are so quiet they are often referred to as being nearly silent. An ultrasonic humidifier uses high frequency sound waves to power its humidification process and then distributes the humidity as a ultra-fine vapor mist by use of a very small and quiet fan. Stadler Form offers several ultrasonic humidifiers that not only provide silent humidification, but are also aesthetically pleasing. These humidifiers are the most expensive type of room/portable humidifier.  They range from $50-$240. Click Here to shop Warm Mist Humidifiers

vicksv745a_aWarm Mist Humidifiers will be your second best choice. Warm mist humidifiers distribute humidity by means of steam. So instead of hearing a fan powered operation in the background, you may just hear bubbling or gurgles from the water heating into steam. Warm mist humidifiers are less expensive than ultrasonic but are more expensive than cool mist. Their prices range from $35-$120 with the more expensive models offering germ defense and some purification. Vicks and Crane offer several products that will help humidify a room while soothing flu-like symptoms and dry, itchy skin. Click Here to shop Warm Mist Humidifiers
Cool Mist Humidifiers are the third quietest, and by quietest, I mean they are not very quiet (compared to the first 2). Cool mist humidifiers are fan powered and use a multi-level speed fan to distribute the humidity created. Although this may be the loudest of the three, on a low setting it produces a white noise background effect which some people find helpful when it comes to sleeping. Cool mist humidifiers are the cheapest models with prices ranging from $30-$85. Crane offers many exceptional products in this category including child-friendly animal models that effectively humidify a room. Click Here to shop Cool Mist Humidifiers