How to Replace an Aprilaire Humidifier Water Panel

Aprilaire humidifier pads are designed to be replaced in Aprilaire whole house humidifiers without any hassle. One can easily remove the humidifier cover, take the pad out and slide the new one into place. Replacement of the Aprilaire humidifier pad can be easily performed and the process takes only a few minutes. For more information about replacing the Aprilaire Humidifier Pad, one can refer to the humidifier instructions.

Aprilaire humidifier pads can fit multiple Aprilaire models. Aprilaire humidifier pads are available for Aprilaire models 400, 500, 600, 700, Lennox WB12 Humidifier and Lennox WB17 Humidifier.

Aprilaire Humidifier Pads are one of the most critical components of whole house humidifiers. Humidifier pads are also industry defined as water panels or humidifier media. Homeowners should not confuse humidifier pads with “filter media” or call water panels by the name of “humidifier filters”. Humidifier pads are meant to control an efficient level of humidity within homes or offices whilst filter media are for air filtration.

The water flows across the Aprilaire humidifier pad for the air from the heating system to pick up water particles as it passes through. Therefore the Aprilaire Humidifier Pad holds the key for premium performance of whole house humidifiers. In order to ensure that the humidifier evaporates the optimum amount of water to give a comfortable and healthy living environment, the Aprilaire humidifier pad needs to be replaced once every year. If you use hard water, you may replace the Aprilaire humidifier pad more than once per year. Aprilaire humidifier pads are not cleanable or washable.

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