Should I get a Humidifier for my Baby?

This is frequent question asked by new parents, so we are here to help! Have you ever had a bloody nose in the winter? Maybe a sore throat, congestion or the common cough?What about dry skin or chapped lips? These are the subtle yet uncomfortable and sometimes dreadful things that happen in the winter due to cold dry air. If these are the effects that are occurring on an adult body, imagine the toll it can take on an infant who is much smaller and more delicate. Babies are innocent and new, their skin and lungs are sensitive to this dry air, to protect them  you need to provide them with good quality air. Here are a couple ways a humidifiers can uniquely help your baby.

1.) Small Nasal Passages.Infant’s nasal passages are incredibly small at this age which make them more susceptible to be affected by the dry air and can easily become congested. By adding humidity to the air it will enable the lining of their nasal passage to maintain moisture and loosen the mucus clogging their nose, throat and lungs, helping your baby breath and sleep more comfortably

2.) Sensitive Respiratory Systems. In environments of very low humidity, bacteria and viruses begin to replicate at a faster rate instigating colds and flu-like symptoms. Because your child’s immune system is not yet used to these viruses they requires a little more attention then adults whose system is accustom to dry, polluted air. Using a humidifier will dramatically help decrease the amount of illnesses your baby will have to bear through this winter.

3.) Sensitive Skin.Within the dry cold winter months, they will surely get chapped lips, dry nose and eyes as well as itchy, irritated skin. A humidifier will help bring some moisture back into their air to help regress these side effects, and soothe any aches or irritations they may be feeling.

4.) Alternative Method to Medicine.When your baby catches a cold or respiratory infection they cannot handle the same type of medicine that you or I would take to get rid of it. It is actually advised not to give congestion medicine to babies under the age of 6 months. However, you can add breathing aids to the humidified water, such as Vicks baby vaporizer scent pads that providing soothing medicated air that is healthy and safe for your infant to inhale.

5.) Helps Them Sleep! As an added bonus to some parents (although, unfortunately not all), some say the humidifier helps lull the baby to sleep with it’s rhythmic hum and soothing warm mist.

Humidifiers for a baby