What Size Humidifier Do I Need?

Humidifiers keep your home’s air healthy and enjoyable; however, the wrong size humidifier can cause home damage and create an environment conducive to mold and mildew growth.  Choosing the right humidifier is an important step to making sure your indoor air is healthy and safe.


 Image Type Typical Output Range Suggested Application
Crane Drop humidifier Portable/Room Humidifier 2-6 gallons per day Humidifies single rooms
stand alone Whole-House Console/Non-Ducted Humidifier 5 – 11 gallons per day Humidifies multiple rooms or small homes
700 Duct-Mounted Whole-House Humidifier 11+ gallons per day Humidifying whole homes up to 4500 sq. ft.



Duct-mounted humidifiers must be mounted on the ductwork of the furnace. This style of humidifier offers customers a centralized unit that provides humidification throughout the entire home. These bypass, fan powered, and steam units work with the home’s central heating and air system to effectively humidify the whole home and do not require refilling because they have a water line. Duct-mounted humidifiers humidify most efficiently, without any needed attention and minimal maintenance.

Console humidifiers, unlike duct-mounted humidifiers, are portable and can be easily moved around the home.  This “plug-and-play” factor appeals to customers that do not necessarily want a central unit but enjoy the mobility and flexibility a console humidifier provides. These units do not require a water line and home owners are able to refill the unit to ensure optimal humidity in their home without having to do any ducting.

Room/Portable humidifiersare smaller units that can be placed either on a floor or table top to humidify a single room. These humidifiers come in different types such as cool and warm mist, ultrasonic, vaporizers, and diffusers. Single room humidifiers have a refillable tank and are great for kid’s rooms to ensure optimal health in the rooms they need it most. Their small size and refillable tanks make them easy to move and clean as needed.