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What to Consider Before Purchasing A Humidifier

Humidifiers are appliances that help optimize the humidity level of your home or office atmosphere in dry or cold climates. Humidifiers simply make your house a much more comfortable place to live. They reduce the dry air winter brings. Dry air can overwhelm a home and can aggravate and contribute to many health related problems such as asthma, allergies, dry skin and nose bleeding. Overly dry air can also cause damage to wood floors, trim and furniture and can cause annoying build up of static electricity.


If you opt for a Whole House Humidifier, versus a Portable (Room) Humidifier, then you must have a furnace to connect it to the central air or heating system. A properly installed and maintained humidifier adds the optimum amount of moisture to keep your air healthy, safe and comfortable. Because humidifiers have their own specifications, look for one that states the amount of water processed in liters or gallons per hour. A properly humidified room not only feels comfortable at a lower temperature than a dry one, it will help lower your heating bills.


A last aspect to consider before you purchase a humidifier is the maintenance of the humidifier. The information related to this is usually available at the time of purchase so you should make sure that it is something that you can handle. For example, some humidifiers need to be cleaned with special solutions whereas others only require a periodic replacement of a water panel or humidifier wick. Ensure that it is something that you are comfortable with and have time for, even though it doesn’t need to be done very often.


1Whole House Humidifiers are for use in homes and offices with central forced air heating systems. The units are connected to a centralized system in the house (or office) – the heating/air conditioning duct-work where moisture is introduced directly into the air flow. These types of humidifiers provide the most efficient means of economically humidifying the entire home.

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2Portable / Room Humidifiers are for use in homes and offices that use systems other than forced air such as baseboard, radiant, wood stove, etc. They provide localized humidification and are generally used in the areas where people spend the most time such as in bedrooms, living rooms and offices. Several portable humidifiers may be needed to effectively humidify a large home or office.

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There are three basic types of Humidistats (pictured below). The humidistat that comes with a Whole House humidifier operates with the humidifier. It measures and controls relative humidity, signaling to the humidifer to turn off the water supply – once your set humidity level (percent) is reached.

4Manual Humidistats require you to adjust the humidistat manually as the outdoor temperature changes. In other words, they need to be set back as the season gets colder.



5Digital humidistats (Automatic) include an outdoor sensor that hourly measures the outdoor temperature and automatically adjusts the indoor humidity level to achieve maximum humidity while minimizing condensation on windows and other surfaces.



6Advanced Thermostats include integrated humidistats that enable you to control the furnace and humidifier from a single device. Special features can include universal programing, touch screen, and remote programing.



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