Carrier AC for Your Home or Business

Homes and businesses across the country depend on quality air conditioning units for cool comfort throughout the warmer months. Carrier AC is one of the leading brands in our industry, developing innovative air conditioners that are built to last. Learn more about Carrier AC and find out if one of their top-notch air conditioners will meet the cooling needs of your home or workplace.

About the Carrier AC Brand

Carrier AC is known for the invention of the modern air conditioning system – a true founder in the HVAC industry. Founder Willis Carrier developed this innovative system back in 1902, and the Carrier AC company has continued to expand over the past century, developing new cooling technology built for modern homes and businesses.

Carrier AC is committed to sustainability and improving the energy efficiency of the homes and buildings their technology serves. The company is putting the latest technological advancements in the HVAC industry to work, bettering the planet by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving energy.

Air conditioners from Carrier AC are built with quality in mind. Each Carrier AC system delivers superior performance for enhanced indoor comfort in residential and commercial environments. Carrier AC systems are built to last, keep energy use low, and provide even temperatures throughout your space.

Carrier AC Products

Carrier AC offers a vast line of air conditioning units for homes and businesses. With many models available, you’ll want to compare information to make sure you select the perfect new air conditioner for your needs. makes it easy to access information on Carrier AC air conditioners. Check our product information to learn the ins and outs of each system, so you can make an informed purchase decision.

Carrier Air Conditioners

Browse the entire line of Carrier AC air conditioners on Our detailed product listings offer information regarding unit energy efficiency, features, operation, and more! To learn more about Carrier AC units and which one would be the best fit for your home or business, we recommend working with a qualified, local Carrier AC contractor 404 who can match you to the right system for your needs. For repairs and maintenance on your existing Carrier AC system, a reliable, local contractor can restore your unit’s performance quickly so your comfort does not suffer.

Carrier AC Equipment Manuals on

The manuals that come with your new Carrier AC unit are a wealth of information for homeowners. Learn the specifics of your system, how to care for it, and the exact parts you need for replacements. knows these manuals are often misplaced or lost, which is why we make them available for quick access online! Search our HVAC manuals 404 to find the information you need on your Carrier AC unit or other brand of heating and cooling equipment.

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On, you can easily connect with local heating and cooling professionals with expertise regarding Carrier AC equipment and other great brands. Use our Contractor Directory to search for Carrier AC contractors serving your area. Enter your ZIP code and you’ll receive a comprehensive listing of the professionals available to assist you with your Carrier AC needs, from installation to repair and maintenance!