How, When & Why to Change Your Furnace Filter by Gallagher HVAC Services

Have you ever wondered how often to replace your furnace filter?  Have you ever asked yourself, “what is the purpose of a furnace filter anyway?”  You’re not alone.

We’re loving this super helpful video from our good friend Katey Gallagher at Gallagher HVAC Services in Mason, Ohio.  Katey does a great job of explaining how air moves through a typical residential heating and cooling system, where the furnace filter is located in the duct system, how the filter works, why it is important to change the filter regularly, and how often to change your filter.

Check out the video below!

As always, if you ever need help with your heating or air conditioning system, let us know and we’ll connect you with a trusted pro, like Gallagher HVAC Services, in your local area!