The best heating and cooling gear for tailgating

people at a tailgate

Fall means football. It also means unpredictable weather. From stifling heat and humidity to chilly breezes, you never know what you’ll get.

We’ve reviewed the best heating and cooling products for tailgating. Keep comfortable at your next event while pre-gaming and repping your team!

Stay cool while tailgating

Best air conditioner for tailgating

The Zero Breeze Mark 2 portable air conditioner is a major tailgating flex at $1,400. But you get what you pay for with this system.

At 2300 BTU, the Mark 2 cools more than 1,000 square feet. Your neighbors will be clamoring to join your party!

This tailgating AC is less than 30 pounds. It can run for up to five hours on its 24V battery.

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best air conditioner for tailgating

Best small AC for tailgating

The AMACOOL 500 MAH evaporative air cooler is ideal for a small tailgate. You fill it with ice and water, and it blows cool air.

It’s small and lightweight, so it’s easy to transport. Best of all, it runs on rechargeable batteries, so you won’t have to worry about plugging it in.

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best small ac for tailgating

Best portable mister for tailgating

The RYOBI 18V ONE+ bucket-top misting fan kit brings a refreshing feeling to your tailgate. Just place it on top of a 5-gallon bucket of ice and let it get to work.

This RYOBI system runs for three and a half hours on its rechargeable battery. It’s less than 10 pounds and packs up conveniently for easy transport.

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best portable mister for tailgating

Best personal fan for tailgating

This JISULIFE portable neck fan is our choice for tailgating because it leaves your hands free. Now you don’t have to choose between your fan, your beer, and your hot dog.

We love that this neck fan comes in various colors so you can show your team spirit and coordinate with your outfit. It runs on batteries for up to 16 hours, so you can even wear it into the game.

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best personal fan for tailgating

Keep warm while tailgating

Best heater for tailgating

The Mr. Heater F232000 is one of our favorites. It has a sturdy handle for easy carrying and a rugged build for durability.

The F232000 uses a 1-pound propane cylinder to heat for up to five hours. It has notable safety features like automatic tip-over shutoff and a protective grill to prevent burns – great for a crowded tailgate atmosphere.

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best heater for tailgating

Best 2-in-1 heater for tailgating

A small propane tank fuels the Campy Portable Heater and Stove. In addition to keeping you warm, it gives you a cooktop to grill burgers or warm hot chocolate.

We love that this $60 device does double duty. It’s compact and super-portable, plus it includes a durable carrying case.

To top it off, you can support your team with orange, blue, green, and grey color options.

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best heater for tailgating

Best portable fire pit for tailgating

The Outland Living Firebowl is a no-mess fire pit fueled by propane. It comes with a “cover and carry kit,” making it easy to transport.

This portable fire kit has an adjustable flame, so you can control the warmth it gives off. Since it doesn’t use wood, you can still use it during campfire bans and Spare the Air days.

Just add marshmallows for a warm and cozy tailgate experience!

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best fire pit for tailgating

Best heated vest for tailgating

This Dr. Prepare Heated Vest is the ultimate fashion accessory for chilly tailgates. It’s machine-washable (in the included mesh bag) and has three customizable heating levels.

Don’t obscure your team apparel with a bulky winter coat – try this stylish vest instead. Be sure to add a portable battery pack to stay warm during the tailgate and the big game.

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best heated vest for tailgating

Best products for RV tailgating

If you want to level up your RV tailgate, check out our recommendations for quiet RV generators. With a generator as a power source, you’ll be able to run your Crockpot, a TV, and more.

You can even power a full-size portable AC in warmer months to keep your tailgate guests cool. You can plug in a safe space heater to warm the crow when it’s cold.

No matter what the season, don’t let the weather ruin your tailgate. Keep the party going with these top-rated heating and cooling items!