Heating & Cooling Tips for Spring

It seems as if spring has finally arrived across the country, and is hear to stay! This time of year, we enjoy mild temperatures that allow heating & cooling systems to take a much needed break. This spring season, keep your heating & cooling equipment well cared for and save energy with our spring HVAC tips.

Heating and Cooling Tips for Spring

Spring Heating & Cooling Maintenance

Spring is the ideal time for heating & cooling maintenance, performed by a professional HVAC technician. Before it’s time to start up your cooling equipment for hotter temperatures, schedule a preventative maintenance tune-up to ensure your system is ready to tackle the tough conditions coming and keep your home cool.

Spring heating & cooling maintenance delivers benefits including:

  • Improved performance and energy efficiency, keeping you comfortable while keeping energy bills low.
  • Troubleshooting, diagnosis, and correction of system issues standing in the way of your air conditioner functioning when it’s time to cool your home.
  • Fewer repairs over the coming cooling season.
  • Extended service life for your heating & cooling equipment.
  • Improved indoor air quality.

Thermostat Settings for Heating & Cooling in Spring

Springtime is the time to reset your programmable thermostat schedules for cooling instead of heating. You’ll save more money on energy bills when you limit the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures. 78 degrees is the optimal cooling setting for energy savings during the summer. When you’re away from home, you can raise indoor temperature limits to save money in your absence so no one has to sacrifice indoor comfort.

Spring Heating & Cooling Energy Savings

Keep energy costs low this spring with heating & cooling tips that give your HVAC system a break and help them operate more efficiently.

  • Take advantage of cool outdoor temperatures overnight by opening windows and turning off your cooling system. Be sure to shut them the following morning before your cooling system comes back on.
  • Reduce the heating load in your home by using curtains and blinds to stop the sun from heating up your living areas. Your air conditioner won’t have to overwork to counteract the heat gain.
  • Use ceiling fans to stay cool without increasing air conditioner use. Set fans counter-clockwise to benefit from the wind chill effect they produce. Shut them off when not in the room to save energy.
  • Reduce heat load in the home by limiting use of heat-producing appliances. Keep lights off when unneeded, switch to energy efficient low heat bulbs. Use daylighting strategies for natural light versus using lamps and fixtures. Wash only full loads of clothes and dishes to maximize hot water use, and limit the time spent in a hot shower or bath.
  • Cook outside on the grill when possible versus using the oven or stove to limit heat gain in the home.
  • Use exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms to pull excess heat generated by appliance and hot water use out of the home. This reduces the heat gain inside so your air conditioner doesn’t have to work harder cooling down your home.
  • Check you air filter monthly and change it as needed if that is sooner than what is recommended by the manufacturer. A clean filter allows air to flow through your system and your home, reducing the amount of energy your heating & cooling system expends moving it.