Panasonic Ductless Heating Systems

The HVAC world is full of many quality brands and system types for interior heating. Panasonic is one of the many great brands on the market, providing flexible ductless heating systems for use in homes and businesses. Learn more about Panasonic heating systems to see if the brand is a good fit for your indoor comfort needs. 

About Panasonic Heating Systems 

Panasonic is a well-known brand that produces many products used in American homes and businesses, as well as those worldwide. Panasonic heating systems are ductless mini split systems that deliver zoned heating into individual areas. Both heating and heating plus cooling solutions are available, with in-zone air handlers connected to exterior heat pumps. Air handlers are available in wall-mounted models, or options are available to be installed recessed into the ceiling for more flexibility in application. 

Installing a Panasonic Heating System 

Panasonic heating systems should be installed by a licensed, qualified HVAC professional. Working with a licensed HVAC installer, your new Panasonic heating system will be installed properly, according to manufacturer specifications. Proper installation is essential to the performance of your heating system, allowing it to work effectively and at the efficiency levels you expect of the new system. 

An HVAC installer can help you plan for installation of a Panasonic heating system. With the ability to deliver zoned heating, your HVAC professional will help you determine how zones should be configured to produce efficient indoor comfort where needed.


Caring for Your Panasonic Heating System 

Panasonic heating systems are ductless heat pump systems. They perform both heating and cooling functions, and should be serviced twice a year by an HVAC professional to ensure their performance and energy efficiency. Schedule your preventative maintenance tune-ups before the start of heating and cooling season, if possible, so that your technician can examine your system for potential problems that could be worsened by use, and deliver the maintenance the system needs to operate optimally.