Promote Your HVAC Business After Hours

Finding a balance between work life and personal life is increasingly difficult – especially for those of us who own a business. For a small business owner, the days seem never-ending. We always seem to be stuck wearing the hat of “HVAC contractor” despite the other roles we play and it is hard to find time to promote your HVAC business.

Yes, creating separation between your two worlds is important on many levels. A certain amount of professional involvement outside the workplace will help to advance your business. Learn why it’s not a bad thing to leave your contractor hat on after 5 p.m. See what you can do to continue to promote your HVAC business even after the last call of the workday.

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Benefits of Promoting Your HVAC Business Outside of Your Workday

From years in the heating and air industry as well as small business ownership, you know there is always something new to learn. There are more ways to get involved. Take advantage of your down time to continue promoting your HVAC business to better your reputation, expand company exposure, and build knowledge.

Build Reputation & Increase Exposure

The more active you are with your business outside of the workplace, the more you gain new opportunities for exposure to different groups. The goal is to convert connections you make through your own promotion of your HVAC business off the clock into customers your business will serve during the workday. Every post you make, every event you attend puts your heating and cooling business in front of an audience of potential customers.

Your participation as a business owner outside of the workplace works to establish your reputation in the HVAC community as well as your local community.  The activities and organizations you participate in establish your business as a fixture in your community: available and ready to assist when needed. A reputation of an active participant is far more valuable than an on-the-clock only player.

Promote Your HVAC Business After 5 P.M.

We’re certainly not suggesting you live at the office, or interrupt family time with heating and air chatter – but remain engaged as a business owner after hours. Your participation in social and professional activities outside the workday works in your favor to further promote your HVAC business.

Here are a few ideas which require may require a small time commitment outside of work, with a great return for your heating and air conditioning contracting business.

Join Business Organizations

Become a player in your local business community to access new promotional opportunities. By joining your chamber of commerce, you’ll gain exposure through their marketing, and connect with other business owners in your area. A chamber of commerce is also a worthwhile resource for business education. Check out an event and learn from a speaker who is an expert on a business aspect you are struggling with or want to know more about.

Joining trade organizations is another opportunity to expand your heating and cooling industry knowledge. Such organizations offer print and online resources, trainings, and seminars. They help members improve business practices, master marketing, and expand education of industry principles, best practices, and trends.

Seek Networking Opportunities

Referrals are a big part heating and cooling sales. Use your time to build up your business network to generate sales among your acquaintances, rather than depending solely on those of your customers.

  • LinkedIn groups. Network with industry and local professionals online through applicable LinkedIn groups. Every comment or answer you give on this channel adds visibility and credibility for your company. Shameless plug – join the LinkedIn Group!
  • Networking events. Professional groups host an array of networking events for local professionals – find an event in your area and make new connections. This is a two-fold opportunity – meet both business professionals and homeowners who may need your services now and in the future.

Participate at Home

Who says you have to leave the couch to promote your HVAC business? Countless promotional opportunities exist online which you likely are not taking advantage of.

  • Industry forums. Use your knowledge to help others by responding to questions and conversations online. Browse forums for heating and cooling professionals, or message boards where homeowners ask questions. Your willingness to provide accurate information provides credibility to your company as well as an opportunity to leave behind your name.
  • Local social media groups. Many communities have “chatter” groups on Facebook, where residents discuss local news, events, and business. Introduce your business and browse for opportunities to answer questions when your neighbors need. Apps such as NextDoor center around neighborhood discussions, and provide another outlet for your business to directly connect with nearby residents.
  • Promote your business on social media. Inside the Command Center, you can access some awesome tools that allow you to easily create and schedule social media posts.  You can take 30 minutes in the evening or on the weekend to schedule social media posts for the whole week and let the system automatically post on the right day and time while you’re out running service calls or selling jobs.

Don’t pass up a chance to promote your HVAC business because you’re off the clock. Keeping your contractor hat on just a little longer will help you better your reputation, get the word out about your company, and attract new customers.

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