Promote Your HVAC Company In Your Spare Time

Learn how to promote your HVAC company through smart marketing on your website, social media, content, and online directories.

Marketing your business can be expensive – we get that. As a business owner, you’re bombarded with “marketing opportunities” from a variety of sources; the cost of some of the “good deals” you’re presented with can be prohibitive, especially when your business’s marketing budget is already maxed out or is yet to be established. You want to be smart with your marketing dollars when you promote your HVAC company, and invest those funds in the opportunities which will pay off for your company; it can be hard to pull the trigger on a great marketing campaign when it costs a pretty penny.

promote your hvac company online

Too often, HVAC contractors don’t maximize the value of their company’s owned assets where marketing is concerned. While it may not be in your budget this year to makeover your fleet with attractive vehicle wraps, there are plenty of channels you can develop for minimal investment which will have a vast impact on your business’s marketing game. Many contractors are hesitant to spend money on new marketing without the promise of a payoff – but are you willing to better your business with strategies which cost only your time?

Below, the marketing experts have compiled a list of marketing improvements you or your staff can make when business is slow which have the potential to eliminate that down time in the future – the only thing these suggestions will cost is the time it takes to do them.

Become an Certified Contractor

Becoming an HVAC Certified Contractor is simple, and free! Take the time to complete your free directory listing, which will allow potential customers in your area to easily find your business. If your business qualifies to become an Certified Contractor, you’ll receive qualified sales leads directly from us, which offer the potential to increase your company’s local visibility and boost revenue.

Signing up for a paid contractor membership plan is a low-cost marketing investment which will provide your business with value far beyond what you pay. You’ll gain expert guidance from the team, giving your business the marketing and business tools needed to excel in the HVAC industry. Our team is focused on your company’s success; not every marketing services provider you’ve been approached by can say the same.

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Take advantage of your social media networks               

Your HVAC business likely already has social media profiles set up on one or more social networks, but are you maximizing their impact? Before you spend your down time revamping your business’s social profiles, review your social media strategy to ensure your coming improvements are in-line with your overall goals.

Review your company’s social media profiles to ensure they are complete and accurate – if your social media profiles are missing needed information or they contain outdated contacts, they could be hurting your business more than helping it.

Is a staff member regularly reviewing your social media pages for comments from potential, current, and past customers? Your social media profiles not only serve the purpose of getting your company name out there, but they are also a means by which consumers can get in touch with your staff; if you ignore or overlook these contacts, you’re damaging that relationship as well as hurting your reputation – anyone who reads your profile will see you never answered a customer’s question. Instead of scrolling your personal Facebook feed during your free time, move over to your business profile and see that all is in order.

Among other social networks, Facebook and LinkedIn are full of networking opportunities for your HVAC business. There are groups for the communities you serve, full of residents and other business owners who have the need for your services now and in the future. Seek them out and join, so you can be presented with opportunities to answer relevant questions and promote your business when appropriate.

You won’t be successful building your business’s following on social media if you never publish new content – in your down time, develop eye-catching and informative content that your audience can benefit from.

Have something interesting or helpful to share with your customers? Don’t just tell them, show them. Promote your HVAC company – take a video while at a jobsite to demonstrate a maintenance skill or how a system functions, snap photos of your team hard at work or to praise a top-notch installation. This visual content stands out among simple text to viewers scrolling through their news feeds while offering them worthwhile information and keeping your business top-of-mind.

Improve your company website

Whether you manage your website in-house or contract a web development firm to do so, as a small business owner, you or someone from your team should also be familiar with your website’s “back end”. This is where you can log in and make improvements to your company’s website. While we don’t recommend you tackle a total design makeover, many of the platforms used to develop business websites, such as WordPress, are user-friendly enough to enable your staff to make simple improvements with ease, such as uploading photos or publishing blogs.

Once you’ve become familiar with how to make simple improvements to your website, consider adding those jobsite and team photos and videos to your website to enhance the text content of your pages. Using the built-in editors, make sure the media is sized and positioned correctly on the pages; you don’t want the addition of these elements to make your pages difficult to view. Add alternate text to all images and video using keywords which describe their content (such as “air conditioner installation” or “HVAC technicians”); these descriptions will appear should the media not display, and will be indexed by search engines, potentially boosting your website’s search rankings.

If your HVAC business isn’t blogging, your next period of down time is the time to start! Blog content is an immensely valuable to to promote your HVAC company, as it:

  1. Provides website viewers with information useful to them and relevant to your business
  2. Contains valuable keywords and fresh content which search engines love

At a loss for subjects to blog about? Ask your team! Ask your sales reps which questions do they hear from potential customers; ask your service team which problems they see most often on the job. By the time a customer has the opportunity to ask your team member about these subjects, chances are they’ve already asked Google – put the answers online to show those customers that your business hears their questions, comments, and concerns, and is an authority on those subjects.

You don’t have to be a trained journalist to write an HVAC blog, but you should follow a few basic rules of blogging, which we will cover in our next blog. If you are not confident in your grammar, have another team member edit your blog before publishing, or utilize online tools, such as Grammarly, to review your content for accuracy.

Marketing your HVAC company doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, but not marketing your business at all because your budget is maxed or you don’t have the funds is a big mistake. It’s ok to start small; put some time into the marketing channels you’ve already established and build a solid foundation for future efforts.

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