5-2-1 SPD150 Surge Protector 100,000 Amps

Designed with the latest technology in surge protection, the SPD150 will protect your heating and cooling equipment from lightning strikes and other power inconsistencies. This surge protector has a maximum surge current of 100,000 amps.

Your heating and cooling system is an investment worth protecting. Use the SPD150 surge protector by CPS Products to protect your HVAC equipment from lightning strikes and inconsistencies with electricity. Surges in voltage can be very damaging to your system and can lead to premature compressor failure and reduced efficiencies.


The SPD150 is designed to protect the entire heating and cooling system including air conditoners, heat pumps, furnaces, motors, refrigeration systems, and electro mechanical devices. This product is UL certified under UL-1449 3rd Edition. With two diagnostic lights you can see if your surge protector is opperating properly. A green light indicates that the unit is working correctly and a red light indicates that the unit has power.


How It Works



With a response time of less than 5 nanoseconds it is one of the fastest responding surge protectors on the market. Partner this feature with the weather proof housing and you immediately notice that it was designed specifically with the HVAC industry and its requirements in mind. CPS Products is so confident in the surge protector that it comes with a 3 year product warranty right out of the packaging.


This surge protector can be easily installed at the outdoor unit disconnect or directly at the electrical panel. Essential to its operation is a properly ran ground wire per local electrical code. To install this product at the panel you will need to remove the knock out at the and insert the nipple and electrical wires of the surge protector then attach and tighten the retaining ring nut. It can also be installed by using the tabs on the surge protector and screwing it directly to the housing of the electrical panel.


Note: These are Type 2 products intended to be connected to the load side of the service panel. These devices are designed to be installed with over current protection.


Note: Suitable for use on a circuit capable of delivering no more than 20,000 rms symmetrical amperes.

If you have any questions regarding this product, please use the HVAC.com Contractor Directory to connect with a trusted contractor in your area.

5-2-1 SPD150 Surge Protector 100,000 Amps