AIRCARE 1040 by Essick Air Humidifier Wick (Quantity 2)

Essick Air 1040 - Replacement Evaporative Humidifier Wick - 2 Pack . This product is a brand new genuine Essick Air humidifier wick.

This product is a brand new genuine Essick Air 1040 humidifier wick.

Featuring Trapmax filter technology, the Essick Air 1040 Super Wick is designed to capture sediments in the water, keeping it from becoming airborn in the home. To battle the harmful bacteria that commonly grows on humidifier water panels Essick Air has coated the 1040 with an antimicrobial protective covering to keep your family happy and healthy during the dry season.


When you are picking a humidifier output is a critcal factor. Essick Air has developed their humidifier wicks to ensure you humidifier is reaching maximum output. In fact, independant studies have found that an Essick Air humidifier wick out performs the competition by as much as 650%. That means there is a huge performance difference between a genuine Essick Air wick and the common aftermarket product.


This water panel fits the Essick Air and Bemis series 336-500, 338-000, 3D6-100, 526-300, 526-302, 526-600, 527-100, 527-300, 5D6-700, 726-000, 726-905, 736-200, 737-600, 759-200, 7D6-100, B23-710, B23-810, D46-720, DP3-200, DP3-600, DP3-610, E27-000, E35-000, MA-0300, MA-0500, TD6-710, 3023, 3024, 5000, 5161, 5162, 5271, 5273, 5373, 5971, 5973, 7000, 7260, 7370, 7375, 7376 and all other 300, 500, 700, B23, DP3, E27 and E35 series humidifiers.


Proudly made in the USA, your Essick Air wick is sure to meet expectations.


How to Videos


How to Replace the 1040 Wick on the D46-720 Humidifier
How to Change the 1040 wick in my Essick Air D46-720 Humidifier


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  • Brand: Essick Air
  • Genuine OEM Product: Yes
  • Product Type: Humidifier Accessory
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions:8.5" W x 1.5" D x 9" H
  • Used on: Bemis, Essick Air, Moist Air 300, 500, 700, DP3 and B23 Series Humidifiers.
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    • Karen

      Service was fast, my filters for the humidifier come within 2 days.

    • Deborah

      We use our humidifier all winter long so it get's a workout. It has sturdy plastic frame and doesn't get softer with age. Its easy to remove and replaced for cleaning. Very pleased with this product as well as the fast shipping from

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    AIRCARE 1040 by Essick Air Humidifier Wick (Quantity 2)