Aprilaire 80 - Steam Humidifier Replacement Canister

Aprilaire 80 Steam Humidifier Replacement Canister for the Aprilaire 800 Steam Humidifier should be replaced annually or when prompted by the red service light. This is an OEM Aprilaire replacement part.

The Aprilaire 80 Steam Canister is a replacement part for the Aprilaire 800 Steam Humidifier.


It is important to keep up with the maintenance on the Aprilaire 80 Steam Canister because it has a direct impact on the amount of humidity that is delivered to your home! The canister should be replaced annually or, when prompted by the red service light on your Aprilaire 800 Steam Humidifier. 


The Aprilaire 80 Canister Features:

  • 1 Aprilaire 80 Replacement Canister
  • 1 New O-Ring 


How Change Your Aprilaire 80 Steam Canister



How To Install The Aprilaire 80 Canister:

1.) Turn the Aprilaire 800 Steam Humidifier off by pressing the On/Off Switch.

2.) Let the humidifier drain until the green LED light stops flashing. Once the light is done flashing, it means the system has completely drained and you are safe to disconnect the power from the humidifier. 

3.) Remove the front panel from the humidifier

4.) Look at the top of the canister, you will see three wires connected to the canister. These wires are the Electrode Conductors (the 2 larger ones) and the third wire is the water level probe conductor. Pull off these out of the canister.

        *Note: Take note of which wire goes where as you will be reattaching these shortly! 

5.) Loose the hose clamp at the top of the canister and slide the hose out. 

6.) Remove canister from the drain assembly by sliding it up and then out. 

7.) Throw away the canister. 

8.) Remove the o-ring from the drain assembly if it did not come out when you pull the canister out. If you are          having a difficult time removing it, the easiest way is to take a flathead screwdriver and pry it off. 

9.) Remove any debris or build-up off of the drain assembly.

10.) Take out the new o-ring that came with your Aprilaire 80 Canister, dampen it, and insert it into the drain assembly. 

        Note: it is important that you do not use any lubricants such as grease or oil on the o-ring. Only use water!

11.) Insert the strainer into the bottom of the new Aprilaire 80 Canister

12.) Insert the canister into the drain assembly by sliding in and up. Position the canister so that the Aprilaire logo is facing outward. 

13.) Reattach the steam hose to the top of the canister and tighten the hose clamp. 

14.) Attach the 3 wires to the canister. The larger wires (the electrode conductors) are interchangeable.

15.) Put the front panel of the humidifier back on. 

16.) Inspect the drain line and the steam hose. 

  • The drain line should be at a constant downward slope and should not have any blockage or kinks in the line. 
  • The steam hose should be at a constant upward slope from the humidifier to the dispersion tubes  in your ducting. 

17.) Restore power to your Aprilaire 800 Steam Humidifier

18.) Turn on our unit and verify that the green light is illuminated and solid. As long as that light is solid and green, you are good to go! 


If you have any questions regarding this product please feel free to email [email protected] or call 1-855-932-4822 and one of our friendly Customer Experience Representatives will be more than happy to help.

  • Brand: Aprilaire
  • Genuine OEM Part: Yes
  • Height: 12 inches
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs
  • Replace Once a Year
  • O-Ring: Included
  • Aprilaire 80 - Steam Humidifier Replacement Canister