Aprilaire 213 Replacement Filter - 20" x 25" x 6" MERV 13 Pleated Air Filter

The Aprilaire 213 is the MERV 13 filter for the 4200, 3210, 2210, and 1210 air cleaners. You can also upgrade your 2200 and 2120 cabinets to use the MERV 13 213 filter with the 1213 upgrade kit.

The Aprilaire 213 is a brand new genuine Aprilaire replacement filter for the 4200, 3210 , 2210 , and 1210 Aprilaire air cleaners.  This filter is engineered with self-seal technology to ensure optimal performance and air filtration.

The MERV 13 rating gives you superior performance in a pleated air filter, capturing particles as small as 1.0 micron including dust, pollen, tobacco smoke and bacteria. It is also appropriate for people who suffer from allergies and other upper respiratory irritants.

To upgrade your model 2200 and 2120 air cleaners to this MERV 13 rated filter, simply purchase the 1213 upgrade kit. This allows you to permanently use the 213 filter, reaping the benefits of outstanding air filtration, and the compact size means you can store an extra filter or two!

Aprilaire recommends changing your 213 expandable filter every 9 to 12 months to maintain maximum air filtration. This guideline depends on the indoor air quality of your home.

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  • Brand: Aprilaire
  • Genuine OEM Part: Yes
  • MERV Rating: 13
  • Filter Type: Pleated
  • Filter Life: Up to 12 Months
  • Nominal Size: 20" x 26" x 4"
  • Static Pressure Drop (Inch W.C.): 0.35
  • Filter Cabinet: Aprilaire 2200, 4200 and 2210 Air Cleaners
  • Aprilaire 213 Replacement Filter - 20" x 25" x 6" MERV 13 Pleated Air Filter