Aprilaire 360 - Self Contained Humidifier

Are you looking for a non-ducted humidifier that can humidify a large area? The Aprilaire 360 Self-Contained humidifier by can humidify spaces up to 4,500 square feet and deliver up to 12 gallons per day!

The Aprilaire 360 is a self-contained (non-ducted) evaporative humidifier that is designed for homes without a central forced air heating system such as condominiums, townhouses, and apartments. The Aprilaire 360 are sized to mount in your wall, typically installed in spaces such as a closet, crawl space or basement.


The Self Contained Aprilaire 360 Humidifier covers up to 4,500 square feet and delivers 12 gallons per day!


The Aprilaire 360 humidifier draws the air from your home in and uses hot water to create the evaporation process.


This Aprilaire 360 Humidifier Includes:

  • 1 Aprilaire 360 Humidifier
  • 1 #35 Water Panel
  • Self Tapping Saddle Valve
  • Humidistat
  • Bag of Screws 
  • Installation Manual, Owners Manual and Humidistat Manual
  • Items NOT Included but needed for installation: 1/4" copper tubing for a water line, 1/2" Plastic drain tubing, and 2 conductor 18-22 gauge wire.


Maintenance: The maintenance on the Aprilaire 360 is seamless. You will need to replace the Aprilaire 35 Water Panel once a season. Don't be tempted by the aftermarket product, it can't compete! 

*Important Note: The frequency in which you need to change the water panel changes depending on the hardness of your water. If you live in an area with hard water you may need to change the Aprilaire 35 water panel more than once a season.


Benefits of Evaporative Humidification:

  • Prevents Flu and Allergies
  • Neutralizes Static Electricity
  • Reduces Pet Dander and Discomfort
  • Protects Fine Furniture and Wood Floors
  • Relieves Dry Skin & Scratchy Throats
  • Reduces Heating Costs 


If you have any questions regarding this product, please use the HVAC.com Contractor Directory to connect with a trusted contractor in your area.


  • Brand: Aprilaire
  • Genuine OEM Product: Yes
  • Control Type: Automatic
  • Coverage: Up to 4,500 sq. ft.
  • Steam Rate: Up to 12 Gallons/Day
  • Electrical: 120 Volts
  • Product Size: 13-3/4"W x 12-1/2"D x 12-3/4"H
  • UL Listed: Yes
  • Manufacturers Warranty: 5 Years*

    *See manufacturers warranty.

    Aprilaire 360 - Self Contained Humidifier