Aprilaire Whole House Humidifier 700M - Fan Powered 18 GPD with Manual Humidistat

The Aprilaire 700M Fan Powered Whole Home Humidifier with Manual Control that humidifies up to 4,200 sq feet and delivers 18 gallons per day.

The Aprilaire 700M Fan Powered Manual Humidifier is a whole-home solution that will help you achieve complete indoor comfort during the dry winter months through humidity control. The Aprilaire 700M is designed to operate in large homes, efficiently humidifying up to 4,200 square feet. The 700 Aprilaire humidifier delivers an 18 gallon per day output with an evaporation feed of .75 gallons per hour, making it one of the best humidifiers on the market! 


This unit is fan powered, meaning that it will be installed directly onto the supply side of your furnace ducting and uses the warmed air from the furnace and fan power to push the humidity into your home faster than its bypass humidifier counterpart. 


Benefits of Evaporative Humidification:

  • Prevents Flu and Allergies
  • Neutralizes Static Electricity
  • Reduces Pet Dander and Discomfort
  • Protects Fine Furniture and Wood Floors
  • Relieves Dry Skin & Scratchy Throats
  • Reduces Heating Costs 


The Aprilaire 700M is a manual humidifier, meaning, that this unit does not come with an automatic humidistat like the Aprilaire 700. The Aprilaire 700M comes with the Aprilaire4655 manual humidistat that can be wall mounted or mounted to the return plenum of your ductwork. With this humidistat you will need to manually set and change the humidistat with changes in the weather.  


The Aprilaire 700 Humidifier is shipped to you as a complete system that includes:

  • 1 Aprilaire 700 humidifier
  • 1 #35 Water Panel 
  • 1 Aprilaire Model 4655 Manual Humidistat
  • 1 Self-Piercing Saddle Valve
  • 1 24 vac Transformer
  • Items that are not included: Copper tubing, drain tubing, and thermostat wire. 


The 700 humidifier by Aprilaire requires a plenum opening of 14 3/4" wide by 14 5/16" high.  For electrical reference, this unit operates on 120 Volts at 60Hz with a .8 AMP requirement. The Aprilaire 700 humidifier hooks up to your home's water line so you do not need to worry about the inconvenience of filling the humidifier's tank multiple times a day.

If the Aprilaire humidifier is being installed on a heat pump system, it is best to hook the unit up to a hot water line.


Aprilaire recommends a #4750 maintenance kit be used each humidification season to ensure that your 700 humidifier is operating optimally. Using a genuine Aprilaire #35 water panelis highly suggested. This water panel was designed specifically for the Aprilaire 700 humidifier and provides the most comfortable and efficient output. Don't trust the aftermarket products to provide the same quality and overall experience as the genuine #35 water panel.


How to Videos


Changing The Water Panel
Seasonal Maintenance
Aprilaire 700 Fan Powered Humidifier Overview
Aprilaire 700 Fan Powered Humidifier Water Panel Change
Aprilaire 700 Fan Powered Humidifier Maintenance


If you have any questions regarding this product, please use the HVAC.com Contractor Directory to connect with a trusted contractor in your area.

  • Brand: Aprilaire
  • Genuine OEM Product: Yes
  • Type: Power Humidifier
  • Control Type: Manual
  • Coverage: Up to 4,200 sq. ft.
  • Water Panel: Aprilaire #35
  • Evaporative Rate: .75 Gallons Per Hour
  • Electrical: 24V
  • Product Measurements: 15.9" W x 18" H x 10.34" D
  • Plenum Opening: 14.75" W x 14.31" H
  • Includes: 24V VAC Transformer, Manual Humidistat, Remote Temperature Sensor, Saddle Valve, 1 Aprilare #35 Water Panel
  • This product comes with a 5 year limited manufacturer's warranty from the date of installation.
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    • Derf1950

      Easy install works great,I saved a lot of money doing it myself

    • drynomore1

      After checking many humidifiers out there this is the one that makes the most bang for the buck..... And you feel the difference in the first week.

    • Bab55

      Just got so far good things to say about I will knowin a few week if work right one night so far I can feel the air better time will tell

    • Dave

      Fast shipping, easy install for me. The wiring diagram kind of went against what I had already, but I think they did things different 25 years ago and I was easily able to work around it with an older furnace.

    • RobieNtn.

      I am a HVAC professional. Have been in this line of work for more than 35 years. I have worked on the smallest A/C units, and all the way up to large industrial HVAC chillers. If you want a great humidifier, get the Aprilaire 700M. This is the one that I have installed onto my Heating and Cooling system.

    • Ted

      Prior to placing this order I needed to get some pre-order information from Humidifiers.com - and the response was very fast, clear and helpful and the person who responded took a genuine interest in my needs.

    • Carson

      Purchased a 700M and installed it myself. I used the info and specs to wire it and set up the electrical and water. It really works well. I had purchased another brand 2 years ago and it was a joke. These units sell else where for $400 to $500 dollars. The Aprilaire tech support is really good. If you have not installed one before, I would get it professionally installed. Aprilaire is the best and would not buy others.

    • Bill

      Best price on the market!

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    Aprilaire Whole House Humidifier 700M - Fan Powered 18 GPD with Manual Humidistat