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Aprilaire Steam Humidifier 800 with Automatic Digital Control

Aprilaire Steam Humidifier 800 with Automatic Digital Control

Product Review (submitted on December 30, 2014):
Moved to Virginia, in a new home, asked a few HVAC technicians to quote installing a steam humidifier unit. Both quotes were in excess of $3300. So I did some searching, and found this unit on I would recommend this over the Honeywell unit especially after the install. All that was needed was 2 small holes in my ductwork. 1 on output for the steam tube and 1 on return for the humidistat reading (my return was a cylinder shape and still had no problem mounting humidistat control).
Some learnings of myself as a modest do-it-yourselfer:
I paid someone to run a new 240 line from my breaker box to my HVAC room. Got a hold of an electrician on their off hours to run line and cut holes in dry wall replace blanks for $250.
Also I have a CPVC pipe for my water line instead of copper so I did not feel comfortable using the saddle valve for water-worried it would crack the line. I used the shark bite system - so I did not have to use pipe cement and don't need to dry the pipe. Highly suggest going to Home Depot/lowes to get system. I had 3/4" main - used a T reduction to 1/2" and got a short 1/2" CPVC to a ball valve reduction to 1/4" then used refrigerator 1/4" Line to humidifier
you will also need 2 lengths of thermostat wire. 18/8 from humidistat to HVAC system (2 wires into HVAC system to wire to spare lines going to outside to condensing unit so don't need to run line for thermometer resistor ) and you only need 18/2 from steam unit to humidistat control (I used 2 wires from the extra 18/8)

Very easy to install - just pay attention to wiring diagram.

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Aprilaire Steam Humidifier 800 with Automatic Digital Control