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Aprilaire Steam Humidifier 800 with Automatic Digital Control

Aprilaire Steam Humidifier 800 with Automatic Digital Control

Product Review (submitted on November 30, 2015):
I bought and installed this humidifier a few weeks ago, and, boy does it work! I have a 4900 sq ft. house and have tried the less-expensive, simple, non-powered by-pass humidifiers in the past, with negligible effect. I wanted something that was going to actually keep a comfortable humidity level during the dry Colorado winters. After getting a new furnace, I spoke with my contractor who, personally didn't think humidity, or lack thereof, was a big deal, but did recommend this unit as the right product for the size of my house and my personal humidity preferences. I chose to install it myself as the cost of having my contractor install it, I thought, was too high. Plus, I like knowing how things work and it gives me a sense of "connection" to my house to help troubleshoot when I hear things go bump in the night. The instruction manual had adequate detail to it, but I found other videos on youtube helpful as a general guidance before really diving in. I chose to wire the humidifier for its maximum potential by putting it on its own 20 amp circuit and wiring it for 250 volts. I have it setup at the 16amp dip switch setting and left the jumpers at the default of 250 volt setting. After reading through the humidifier instruction manual, though, I couldn't see how the humidifier would turn on/off with the furnace. *That* information was found in the separate humidistat installation manual. It was quite clear and straight-forward how to hook up the humidistat to the furnace control board. This unit had everything needed (i.e., humidifier + humidistat), except for the wiring needed to connect the humidistat to the humidifier (2-wire, 18ga) and the humidistat to the furnace (5-wire, 18ga). Well, and the wiring needed for running the outdoor temperature sensor to the outside of the house. For now I have the humidistat in "manual" mode, which doesn't make use of the outdoor temperature sensor to automatically adjust the humidity levels based on outdoor temperature. I'm doing this for now just to get a feel for how well this unit can humidify at a maximum. So far I'm able to get the humidity levels up in the 50% range. I do think that's too high as on cold days the windows start to sweat with condensation. I'll try out the automatic setting with the outdoor temperature sensor soon, though.
One thing I'll mention is that I notice the "boiling" sound of the water echoing through the vents (even on the top floor, with the furnace waay down in the basement) when the unit first turns on when the furnace flames fire up and before the blower starts. Once the blower starts, though, you don't hear the boiling. If I hadn't installed this unit myself and understood how it works, I'd probably start to question the contractor's installation quality. Again, that brings me back to the concept of being "connected" to your house and knowing which sounds come from where and whether they're normal, good, or bad.
Starting in October in Colorado the air humidity drops, especially with the use of a forced-air furnace. I find my skin drying out very quickly. In the last few weeks with this new humidifier, my skin has been back to normal "Summer" mode. No cracking and itching! I can't recommend this humidifier enough! Additionally, I found that had the best price!

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Aprilaire Steam Humidifier 800 with Automatic Digital Control