Aprilaire 8191 - 100 CFM Ventilator with Dehumidification

The Aprilaire 8191 - The best of both worlds! Ventlation PLUS dehumidification! This is a brand new genuine Aprilaire product.

The Aprilaire 8191 is a brand new genuine Aprilaire 100 CFM Ventilator with Dehumidification.

During high humidity seasons, maintain optimal moisture levels in your home with the Aprilaire 8191. The 8191 allows you to ventilate your home while dehumidifying the air being brought in from outside before it enters your home. When your air conditioner is running, it removes humidity from your indoor air as it cools your home. If the cycle of air conditioner operation isn't sufficient to remove the excess moisture, the Aprilaire 8191 initiates dehumidification, bringing moisture to the desired level.

Improving your indoor quality is a simple as plugging the unit into a power outlet and 24 volt wiring to your HVAC system. Too hot or too cold outside? The Aprilaire 8191 has a lock out feature, preventing ventilation during extreme temperatures.

The Aprilaire 8191 comes with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty.

If you have any questions regarding this product, please use the HVAC.com Contractor Directory to connect with a trusted contractor in your area.

Aprilaire 8191 - 100 CFM Ventilator with Dehumidification