How Long Will My HVAC System Last?

HVAC's life expectancy is critically dependent on the preventative maintenance and service you perform on your system. It is important you have a qualified technician perform a bi-yearly inspection to ensure proper proformance. Under the assumption that you have kept up with routine maintenance, it is suggested that a system will last anywhere from 15-25 years. Fore more specific information, check below.

  • Furnaces, on average, last 15-25 years
  • Air Conditioning Units, on average, last 12-15 years
  • Heat Pumps, on average, last 16 years
  • Tankless Water Heaters, on average, last at least 20 years, if not more.
  • Electric or Gas Water Heaters, on average, last about 10 years.
  • Thermostats can last up to 35 years, but are typically replaced much sooner due to technological advancements.


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