Carrier 25VNA048 4 Ton, Up to 20 SEER / Up to 13 HSPF, 208 / 230 Volt, Single Phase, R410A Refrigerant Heat Pump


This Carrier Infinity 20 25VNA048 heat pump is the ultimate in cost efficient heating and cooling. It will keep you and your family cool during warm months and comfortably warm during the colder season. This genuine Carrier heat pump is equipped with:
  • Up To 18.3 SEER, 12.5 HSPF Efficiency
  • Greenspeed Intelligence
  • Environmentally Friendly R410A Refrigerant
  • Details

    This brand new Carrier Infinity 20 - 25VNA048 Heat Pump offers a ten year limited parts warranty, giving you confidence in your Carrier unit.

    These units feature:
  • Variable Speed Compressor
  • 4 Ton Capacity
  • Silencer System II™
  • AHRI Certified
  • UL Listed

  • The 25VNA048 achieves up to 12.5 HSPF*, up to 18.3 SEER** and an almost silent operation (as low as 58 dB). It features a variable speed compressor and Greenspeed intelligence which, when paired with Carrier's Infinity control allows the system to change its output to the temperature needs of your home by adjusting by 1% capacity (between 40 and 100%) to heat or cool only as much as necessary, giving you remarkable energy efficiency. A compressor sound blanket and Silencer System II ensure the ultra quiet operation.

    Unlike other heat pumps which need assistance heating your home when temperatures are extremely cold, the 25VNA048 has remarkable heating performance even when outdoor temperatures are in the teens. This unit is also Hybrid Heat® compatible. For summer months, it has superior dehumidification capability to help keep your family comfortable and save on energy costs by enabling you to set your thermostat up a degree or two.

    Choose an Infinity™ control to maximize your system by managing every aspect of your home's indoor air environment. The options are almost endless! Not only can you control temperature, humidity and air purification, the Infinity control allows you to easily program your system, has zoning capabilities and even reminds you when it's time for maintenance on your system.

    Tired of unsightly, rusty and dented heat pumps? Over time, most heat pumps surrender to the elements (and maybe a baseball or two), resulting in rusting, dented units. The Carrier 25VNA048 features WeatherArmor Ultra™ to help keep it looking new long after the competitions' looks have faded.

    The 25VNA048 is equipped with a filter drier to aid in the absorption of excess moisture to help keep your unit operating at its best.

    Pair this unit with a compatible Carrier high efficiency indoor unit for optimal performance and cost savings. For assistance with system matching, please give us a call! Our HVAC experts will be happy to assist you!

    This unit utilizes environment protecting Puron® R410A refrigerant, and is charged with 15 ft. of refrigerant for 3/8" line.

    Not only is this unit Energy Star® Qualified, it was also named Energy Star Most Efficient 2014.

    If you have any questions regarding this product please feel free to email [email protected] or call 1-855-932-4822 and one of our friendly Customer Experience Representatives will be more than happy to help.

    *Heating Seasonal Performance Factor
    **Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

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    Carrier 25VNA048 4 Ton, Up to 20 SEER / Up to 13 HSPF, 208 / 230 Volt, Single Phase, R410A Refrigerant Heat Pump