Crane EE-5301W - White Drop Shape Humidifier

Crane EE-5301W White Drop Shape Humidifier. This product is a brand new genuine Crane humidifier.

Crane EE-5301W - White Drop Shape Humidifier

This product is a brand new genuine  Crane EE-5301W White Drop Shape Humidifier perfect for relieving cold symptoms and adding comfort to your home! This Crane humidifier is ideal for rooms up to 250 square feet and can run for at least 11 hours.

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  • Brand: Crane
  • Genuine OEM Part: Yes
  • Color: White
  • Product Measurements: 9.8" L x 13.8" H x 9.8" W
  • Electrical Requirements: 32W
  • Tank Capacity: .9 Gallons
  • Running Time Per Tank: 11 Hours (min.)
  • Moisture Output: 2.3 Gallons Per Day
  • Suitable Room Size: 250 sq. ft.
  • FDA Registered: Yes
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    • Maggie

      This is the first humidifier I have ever bought and I wish I bought one sooner! I do not wake up with a sore throat anymore!

    • Arry

      I am extremely pleased with this humidifier. I much prefer warm mist models to cool mist models due to the quiet operation and soothing mist. I recently had to replace my veteran warm mist model that has since been discontinued and in my two year search I purchased (and returned!) nine (yes, nine) different warm and cool mist models from various manufacturers before I found this one. I was absolutely disgusted with what is on the market, even at four times the price. Cool mist ones that promise to be ultra quiet sound like jet engines; ultrasonic models produce unbelievable amounts of fine white dust even with new water treatment technologies that claim to reduce mineral output. Warm mist models are especially hard to find (forget it if you want digital controls) and tend to have very low output.I am very pleased to say that the HWM450 lives up to my very high standards and I'm quite surprised to see some of the poor reviews here. I've had mine for about 3 months. I knew this was the one when I first unpacked it. I was so accustomed to the poor design and flimsy construction of the other models I've owned that I was literally taken aback when I disassembled it. The technical design of this humidifier is absolutely beautiful. The heating plate is stainless steel and has a large surface area. A heavy plastic baffle/deflector sits inside the unit over the heating plate in an upside-down cone fashion to create an enclosed steam chamber which enables it to operate quietly and have surprisingly high output on its highest setting. Unlike other models, the steam chamber design is brilliant because it clearly traps as much heat as possible near the heating plate in an effort to keep energy use reasonable. It has the additional benefit of helping to muffle the sound of the boiling water.The mineral absorption pads do a reasonably good job of controlling mineral buildup. I live in a city with relatively hard water and I find I need to clean the unit and change the pad once a week. Get some cleaning solution designed for humidifiers (or white vinegar works, too) and cover the heating plate with it. It helps to slightly elevate the opposite end of the unit to encourage more of the cleaning solution to stay on the plate instead of draining into the rest of the tray. Let it soak for 30-60 minutes and then use an old toothbrush to brush off the softened minerals. If it doesn't get clean on the first soak, repeat. You should be able to get it spotlessly clean without scrubbing.Pros:- Quiet, like you'd expect from a warm mist model- Produces more humidity than any other model I've tried- Three levels of humidity output- Digital controls- Hygrometer (humidity meter) that ACTUALLY WORKS ACCURATELY and is not tricked by the humidity generated by the unit- Timer feature could be useful if you're not using it in the winter- Doesn't produce any white dust like ultrasonic models do- Sturdy construction; obviously well-designed. Cons:- Mineral absorption pad needs to be replaced regularly (I've found weekly) for optimal operation- Needs more cleaning than cool mist or ultrasonic models (cleaning is relatively painless, though see comments above)- Water tank could be larger, although you'll get 20-24 hours out of it on the normal output setting once you're maintaining the desired humidity. Again, I can't recommend this model enough.

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    Crane EE-5301W - White Drop Shape Humidifier