Fantech 5BDD13 - 13" Roof Mount, Belt Drive Downblast, LMD (Shell)

The Fantech 5BDD13 is a belt-drive downblast ventilator that is designed for mounting on the roof and can be used as an exhaust in commercial and industrial buildings.

The Fantech 5BDD13 is a SHELL product and can only function with a 1/4HP motor. It is constructed with durable spun aluminum and supported by steel support braces. The Fantech 5BDD13 houses a backward inclined aluminum fan wheel and is also equipped with a built-in bird screen to protect discharge. The welded curb cap corners eliminate water entry into ducts or building and it also has an externally cooled motor compartment. The motor or wheel of the Fantech 5BDD13 can be easily detached without removing the ventilator from the crib. The inlet temperatures can be up to 170 F and the unit is provided with permanently lubricated ball bearings. The Fantech 5BDD13 is UL 705 Standard listed and is available with hazardous location configuration. The ball bearing motors and variable pitch drives are packed separately when ordered with ventilators.

Fantech 5BDD13 - 13" Roof Mount, Belt Drive Downblast, LMD (Shell)