Fantech 5BDU12 - 12" Belt Drive Upblast, LMD (Shell)

Ensure proper air flow inside commercial and industrial buildings with the Fantech 5BDU12 12" Belt Drive Upblast Ventilator.

The Fantech 5BDU12 12" Ventilator helps blow out air from commercial and industrial buildings. It is designed for use with 1/4 HP or 1/3 HP motor. You can use it for both roof mount and wall mount applications. This belt drive upblast ventilator has spun aluminum construction and steel support braces for long lasting use. Its backward inclined aluminum fan wheel offers high-efficiency operation. It comes with an externally cooled motor and a fully welded windband. For a smooth operation, it is designed with permanently lubricated ball bearings (5BDU10 - 5BDU13) and regreasable pillow block bearings (5BDU15 - 5BDU24). It allows an inlet temperature of up to 300F. Its wheel and motor can be detached easily without removing the ventilator from curb.

Fantech 5BDU12 - 12" Belt Drive Upblast, LMD (Shell)