Fantech DM 3000P - Duct Mounted HEPA System


Install the Fantech DM 3000P HEPA filtration unit in your house to clean and filter the indoor air.


The Fantech DM 3000P HEPA Filtration Unit comes with 3 filters that trap all the air pollutants. The pre-filter collects the largest particles, the carbon filter absorbs odors, and the third one, a certified HEPA filter collects up to 99.98% of airborne particulates like dust, dander, pollen grains and spores. You can install this as an independent system in an attic, crawl space, closet or on the existing ductwork of your furnace/air handler. This filtration unit features an integrated flow sensor switch that runs the unit when the furnace or air handler is working. The backplate enables direct connection of the filter to the furnace or the air handler. This unit filters and cleans about 2200 square feet of air once an hour.

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Fantech DM 3000P - Duct Mounted HEPA System