Fantech FKD 10-230 - 230V, Inline Mixed Flow 10" Duct Fan

The Fantech FKD 10-230 Inline Duct Fan offers quiet performance.

The direct drive Fantech FKD 8XL-230 is a mixed flow centrifugal fan that gives you the high flow of axial fans and the higher pressure, non-overloading characteristics of backward curved impellers. This fan comes in galvanized steel housing and has an external rotor motor with automatic reset thermal overload protection. It also features a mixed flow impeller and a terminal box with prewired electrical strip. It can be mounted in any angle along the duct work for effective ventilation. The motor is 100% speed controllable. As the motor and the impellers are built into one integral unit, the heat generated is effectively dissipated. This fan can operate in airstream temperatures up to 140 F. Noiseless operation of this fan makes it an ideal option in commercial and institutional applications like offices, hospitals, beauty salons, veterinary clinics and residential applications like kitchen range hood exhaust.

Fantech FKD 10-230 - 230V, Inline Mixed Flow 10" Duct Fan