Fantech FKD 16XL-230 - 230V, Inline Mixed Flow 16" Duct Fan

Efficiently ventilate office spaces and hospitals with the Fantech FKD 16XL-230 Inline Mixed Flow 16" Duct Fan.

The Fantech FKD 16XL-230 gives unmatched performance with noise-free operation. Featuring a galvanized steel housing and an enclosed motor design, this ventilator works efficiently even in high moisture and dust laden environment. This mixed flow centrifugal fan offers consistent and superior ventilation as it merges the high flow of axial fans with the higher pressure, non-overloading characteristics of backward curved impellers. The motors have permanently sealed self lubricatingball bearings and can work in airstream temperatures of up to 140 F. This fan can be fitted anywhere along the duck work at any angle. The automatic reset thermal overload protectionof the motor offers safety from excessive heat. This direct drive fan is AMCA Air, AMCA Sound andcULus certified and is perfect for commercial and institutional structuresand residential spaces that demand silent operation.

Fantech FKD 16XL-230 - 230V, Inline Mixed Flow 16" Duct Fan