Fantech HP 2133 - 134 CFM Radon Fan 4.5" Duct


The Fantech HP 2133 is a radon mitigation fan that is perfect for use in locations where there is lower air pressure and airflow requirement.


The Fantech HP 2133 is meant for installation in areas with a good sub slab communication and reduced radon levels. This radon fan works at 135 CFM and consumes only 14-20 watts of energy. It is made of UV-resistant UL-listed durable plastic. The automatic reset thermal overload protection feature and the fact that the fan is totally enclosed and factory sealed to avoid leakage, guarantees user protection. It has a water tight electrical terminal box and is UL rated for installation in wet locations including outdoor locations. This ventilation fan is designed with a 4.5" duct and a high-efficiency EBM motorized impeller.

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Fantech HP 2133 - 134 CFM Radon Fan 4.5" Duct