Fantech IR 4 - Manual 4" Duct Iris Damper


The Fantech IR 4 is an iris damper used for adjusting and measuring the airflow through a 4-inch duct in ventilation system.


The Fantech IR 4 Manual 4" Duct Iris Damper is used to achieve precise airflow measurement in ventilation systems. It has an adjustable aperture that regulates the airflow and in turn ensures low turbulence and self-generated noise. It also has a calibrated airflow measuring device that takes accurate measurements at all points. This damper is manufactured from galvanized sheet steel and has a 6-inch diameter duct. The Fantech IR 4 also comes with permanent pressure taps and gaskets to ensure airtight connections. Maintenance of the damper is easy as the aperture opens up completely, and doesnt have to be removed to be cleaned. The compact design of the damper makes it easy to install. When installing the damper, distances required to minimize airflow deviation should be taken into consideration. This damper can be used in both supply and exhaust fans.

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Fantech IR 4 - Manual 4" Duct Iris Damper