Lennox X7927 - Vinyl Condenser Cover

The Lennox X7927 is a genuine Lennox condenser cover. Protect your air conditioner from the elements with this vinyl cover.

This is a brand new genuine Lennox A/C cover.

Protect your valuable outdoor HVAC equipment from the elements with the Lennox X7927. It protects the condenser cabinet from rust and will keep dirt and debris out of the coil. The vinyl construction of the cover is mold, mildew, crack and UV resistant. It has easy installation with hook and loop straps.

The shorter height of this cover allows for air circulation and helps prevent condensation buildup, therefore the cabinet size that utilizes this cover is 35"L x 30-1/2"W x 39"H; Lennox models:
AC13-048-230-04 AC13-048-230-05 XC14-030-230-03 XC16-024-230-02 XC16-048 XC13-048-230-03 XC14-036-230-03 XC14-042-230-03 XC14-048-230-02
The actual dimensions of the cover are 35-3/8"L x 30-7/8"W x 34"H

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Lennox X7927 - Vinyl Condenser Cover