NuTone ILF130 - 130 CFM In Line Ventilator


The NuTone ILF130 130 CFM In-line Ventilator offers a discreet and efficient solution for ventilation.


For ample ventilation in your house without any intrusive noise, get the NuTone ILF130 130 CFM In-line Ventilator. You can fix it anywhere in your house, even in the attic or basement. To work efficiently in long duct runs, it comes with permanently lubricated motors and high pressure centrifugal blowers. This ventilator has a backward inclined fan design to reduce noise. It has an external rotor and a ball bearing motor encased in a polycarbonate plastic housing. You can mount this ventilator directly to a bracket, which is in turn mounted to joist or rafter. It can also be mounted over a tub, shower or anywhere in your house using the GFCI-protected branch circuit.

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NuTone ILF130 - 130 CFM In Line Ventilator