Swift Green SGF-ZS48 - Replacement Refrigerator Filter

Swift Green SGF-ZS48 Refrigerator Filter. This product is a brand new genuine Swift Green product.

Swift Green SGF-ZS48 Refrigerator Filter

This filter is a brand new genuine Swift Green SGF-ZS48 refrigerator filter which replaces the Pro 48 OEM Refrigerator Model 4609910000; Sub Zero 4204490.

Swift Green recommends this filter be replaced every 6 months for maximum filtration effectiveness.

If you have any questions regarding this product, please use the HVAC.com Contractor Directory to connect with a trusted contractor in your area.

This product is also available in a convenient 3 pack.
  • Brand: Swift Green
  • Genuine OEM Part: No
  • Filter Type: Carbon Refrigerator
  • Filter Life: Up to 6 Months
  • OEM Replacement: 4609910000
  • Swift Green SGF-ZS48 - Replacement Refrigerator Filter