Flat Rate Pricing Improves Customer Satisfaction

Homeowners face several challenges when their HVAC, plumbing or electrical systems break down, not the least of which is who to call for repair work.  Obviously, when searching for a service company, homeowners want to hire an exceptional company that is upfront about the service experience. The service company should also respond promptly to their call, possess the skills to correct their problem quickly, charge a fair price and guarantee their work.  The most successful companies in the service trades possess these attributes. And, most of those successful companies charge for service using a flat rate pricing method that improves the overall experience for the customer.

Flat Rate Pricing Increases Customer Satisfaction

Here are the reasons why it makes good sense for customers to hire service companies that charge flat rate for repairs.

  • First, it keeps the customer informed and addresses the two important questions customers always ask – “what’s wrong and how much?”
  • Second, flat rate allows the customer to make informed decisions in advance of repair about repair versus replacement of their equipment.
  • Third, it allows customers to relax about repair fees. Flat rate pricing is not an open-ended arrangement. More time on the job will not cost more money.
  • Fourth, there are no surprises after the work is performed. The repair that has been recommended and approved is the work that is completed.
  • Fifth, the customer never pays for education of apprentice technicians. If a tech takes longer because of his lack of skill, the customer doesn’t incur that expense. That places the burden of educating and training technicians on the service company, right where that expense should be placed. Certainly we all agree, it’s the service company’s responsibility to send competent technicians out into the field.

When a customer finds a service company that does all that is described above, most often that company will be charging for service and repair on a flat rate pricing method.  Upfront, fair and professional service. That’s what customers are seeking and that’s what flat rate pricing brings to the customer. That should make and keep every customer satisfied.

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