How to Adjust the Burner and Adjust Efficiency of Your Furnace

Adjusting your furnace’s burners can be done to improve the performance and adjust the efficiency of your heating system. A burner’s flames should be full and steady with no traces of yellow in the flame – these conditions indicate an efficient burner. If sputtering or yellowness appears within the burner flame, adjustments can be made to adjust the efficiency of your furnace.

Adjusting burner flame height must be done carefully. If you are not comfortable doing this on your own, please contact a local HVAC company for professional assistance.

How to adjust the burner and adjust efficiency of your furnace

  1. Disconnect electric power to the furnace
  2. Remove panel to access burners
  3. Inspect the burner flame quality – pure blue flames that burn straight are desired.
  4. If yellow or unsteady flames are detected, clean the furnace before adjusting flames by turning off gas valves and cleaning debris from burner nozzles and the furnace’s pilot light with a wire brush.

HVAC technicians know how to adjust the burner and adjust efficiency of your furnace

Homeowners are not always comfortable making adjustments to burners or other furnace components themselves. In such cases, calling your trusted heating and cooling company is the best option. Your furnace technician will perform the burner adjustments needed to keep your furnace operating efficiently without risking the safety and performance of your heating system.