July HVAC Maintenance Tips

Summer is in full swing! Fourth of July parties, summer cookouts, and more are coming soon, and your cooling system needs to be operating smoothly to keep your guests comfortable – not to mention keep your home at safe temperatures when outdoor temperatures skyrocket throughout the summer!

With these HVAC maintenance tips, you’ll know exactly how to care for your cooling system throughout the month of July. If you need help completing any of these tasks, contact your local HVAC company for expert assistance!

July HVAC Maintenance Steps

Filter Changes

Check your air filter. During periods of heavy cooling system use, the filter should be inspected monthly to make sure it has not become full of contaminants. You may find it necessary to replace it sooner than the recommended change interval (from one to twelve months, depending on your filter) during these times, so have a replacement ready just in case.

Check these resources for more information on how to change your furnace filter and how to keep these important changes on your maintenance schedule throughout the year.

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Check Vents and Registers

Inspect all registers and return air grilles in your home to ensure they have not been blocked or shut. These vents should never be blocked, as doing so will restrict airflow through your HVAC systems, which could create performance issues and system overheating.

Move all carpets and rugs, furniture, and other items away from vents. Check to see that vent louvers are open; if you wish to shut off cooling to unused areas of your home or building, never close more than 20 percent of the structure’s HVAC vents. If you have many unused areas, consider investing in a zoning system which will allow you to reduce energy waste while facilitating proper HVAC system performance – work with a trusted HVAC contractor to design and install zoning solutions for your home or business.

Care for your home’s vents to receive efficient, cool air this July. Check out these resources for more information about vent care:

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Outdoor Equipment

Inspect your exterior cooling equipment. Gently brush away any grass clippings and debris which have gathered on the unit. Trim away vegetation that has grown around the unit. Never store outdoor furniture or other items in the area immediately surrounding the unit.

For more information on how to do so, and create a safe surround for your outdoor cooling components, visit these resources:

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Condensate System

Inspect your cooling system’s drip pan and condensate drain lines for clogs. If these components become clogged with mold or algae growth, condensation from the cooling process cannot exit your home or building properly. This can cause the cooling system to malfunction, or water to back up indoors, causing water damage. Frozen coils are a common result of clogs in the condensate system.

If water has backed up, clear clogs within the drip pan or condensate drain lines. Turn off power to the system for safety before doing so. Use a wet/dry vacuum to clear water from the drip pan, or use rags to soak it up. Clean the drip pan using a mild soap. Clear clogs from the condensate drain lines using your wet/dry vacuum.

Eliminate condensate drip pan and drain clogs and remedy issues they cause with the following resources:

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Plan Ahead

It may not feel like it now, but summer will be over before you know it! Start planning for the maintenance your furnace or heat pump needs to carry your household through the cold season with efficient warmth. Beat the rush for fall furnace maintenance when you schedule your furnace maintenance tune up early with your local HVAC contractor.

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