Mobile Home HVAC Guide: HVAC Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Tips

HVAC equipment is not one size fits all, and different homes require different types of equipment. Due to their size, mobile homes utilize smaller HVAC systems than traditional homes. In this Mobile Home HVAC Guide, we discuss installation options, maintenance needs, and repair tips for your mobile home HVAC system.

Mobile Home HVAC Installation

In a mobile home, space is at a premium. The ductwork required of conventional forced air central heating and cooling units takes up a generous amount of space, which isn’t always available in mobile homes. However, there are efficient options available for space heating and cooling in a mobile home.

Mobile Home Furnaces

There is furnace equipment designed for use in mobile homes. These systems utilize smaller sized ductwork which doesn’t take up as much space throughout the house. The ducts are made from a flexible material and often ran through the crawl space or small attic cavity – unfortunately, the ducts may be susceptible to pest damage in these areas.

High velocity forced air furnaces for mobile homes are capable of efficiently moving conditioned air through these smaller ducts. The units are enclosed within a small, vented cabinet. To ensure the furnace receives proper air flow, homeowners must be careful not to block these vents. Often, cooling coils are installed with air handling equipment to provide the mobile home with an air conditioning equipment option.

Ductless Mini Splits

Foregoing ducts is an option made possible through the use of ductless mini split heating and cooling equipment. This is an excellent option for mobile homes without existing ductwork, or those with damaged ducts requiring replacement to accommodate another HVAC equipment type. Ductless units help mobile homeowners save space while accessing efficient heating and cooling.

With a ductless HVAC system, individual air handling units are installed in each area of the mobile home you wish to heat and cool. The air handlers are connected to an outdoor heat pump or air conditioner through the line set, which runs through a small exterior wall penetration. Heat pump systems offer both heating and cooling, or electric heat coils can be added to deliver heating when an air conditioner is used.

Mobile Home HVAC Installation Help

As mobile homes have different needs than a traditional home, it’s important to work with an HVAC professional who is experienced with your type of home. Mobile home HVAC contractors are aware of the challenges involved in heating and cooling a mobile home, and help homeowners select appropriate equipment that delivers the performance they desire. These contractors perform skilled installation of chosen equipment and provide maintenance and repair services to keep the system running over its years of service life.

Mobile Home HVAC Maintenance

Mobile home HVAC systems need regular maintenance just like other heating and cooling equipment. An HVAC contractor performs preventative maintenance twice per year – in the spring for cooling equipment, and in the fall for heating equipment. It is important to your system’s performance and efficiency that this maintenance be scheduled twice per year, even if you have missed the spring and fall seasons.

In addition to professional HVAC maintenance, there are steps homeowners need to take to ensure proper performance of their mobile home heating and cooling units throughout the year.

Mobile Home Furnace Filter Changes

In a mobile home, the furnace filter may be located in two different locations, if you have a central forced air furnace: in the equipment’s filter compartment, or at the return air grill within the home where air is supplied to the furnace. Filters should be changed according to the manufacturer’s recommended timeframe, or more frequently depending on HVAC system use and other factors specific to your household.

Follow these instructions to change your filter on a regular basis:

Filter Cabinet

  • Turn off power to the furnace.
  • Locate the filter cabinet and remove the access door if needed.
  • Remove the used filter and throw it away.
  • Install the new filter, inserting it in the direction indicated by the printed arrows on its frame.
  • Replace the access door and power up the furnace.

Return Air Grill

  • Turn off power to the furnace.
  • Open the grill that contains the filter.
  • Remove the used filter and throw it away.
  • Install the new filter, sliding it into the grill frame. Make sure the filter is inserted according to the printed arrows on its frame, which show airflow direction.
  • Reinstall the grill and power up the furnace.

For Ductless Mini Split HVAC Systems

If your mobile home is equipped with a ductless mini split HVAC system, each air handler has its own filter which is located within the equipment. Many ductless mini split systems have reusable filters that do not require replacement, just a regular cleaning. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning frequency and care – the typical process goes like this:

  • Turn off power to the HVAC system.
  • Open the front panel on the air handling unit and lock it in place to access the filter area.
  • Remove the filter.
  • Using water and mild detergent, clean the filter of all contaminants.
  • Allow the filter to dry.
  • Once dry, reinsert the filter into the proper position.
  • Close and lock the front panel.

Mobile Home HVAC Repairs

Throughout the years, your mobile home HVAC system may suffer performance issues that require professional assistance. If your HVAC system doesn’t turn on or isn’t heating or cooling your home enough, try some simple HVAC troubleshooting before you contact your HVAC contractor.

If troubleshooting does not help, contact a local HVAC company. Remember, you want a contractor with experience working on the type of HVAC equipment in your mobile home – not all contractors work on certain types of mobile home HVAC equipment. As you search for a mobile home HVAC contractor, keep these tips in mind to find the best fit for your needs.

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Mobile homes have different heating and cooling needs than the average residence – to ensure you get the right equipment and services for your mobile home, work with a qualified HVAC contractor with experience in mobile home heating and cooling. Use our HVAC Contractor Directory to locate a mobile home HVAC contractor near you.