Top 4 Mobile Apps To Keep Track Of Energy Usage

These days, you can do just about anything using your smartphone. Controlling your air conditioner and managing your cooling energy use can be done from almost anywhere in the world now! Smart apps for your Android phone, Windows phone or iPhone can help you save money on cooling costs, and allow you to control your air conditioner’s operation from nearly anywhere.


Use These Apps to Manage Your Energy Use:

There are a number of apps available for all platforms which will help you monitor your energy use. Using the data collected in these apps, you will be equipped to make smarter decisions about your air conditioning usage to conserve energy and save money. Popular apps include:

  • Kill-Ur-Watts: For iPhone and iPad, Kill-Ur-Watts uses Green Button Connect to access data provided by your utility company (where available). With the app, you can view, track, and manage your residential electricity use. You’ll receive energy-savings tips, see where your energy dollars are going and how your household’s energy use compares with others.
  • Energy Consumption Analyzer: For Android, Windows and iPhone, the Energy Consumption Analyzer app helps you track your energy usage. Add meters for gas, electricity and water and record your meter readings, and the app will graph your energy use, showing you the rate of consumption.
  • Energy Tracker: For Android, Windows and iPhone, this app helps you avoid unnecessary energy expenses by monitoring how much energy your system uses. This App will also export the data gathered into an Excel file for you. This app costs $0.99.
  • Energy Cost Calculator:  For Android, Windows and iPhone, this app helps users calculate operating costs and energy usage of electric equipment and machinery, including carbon emissions. Input how many hours of energy used per day and this app will spit out an estimated bill for the month!

Connect These Apps To Your Smart Thermostat:

If you have a Wi-Fi or smart thermostat installed at home, it’s likely that the equipment manufacturer offers an app which can be used to remotely control the device. Below are some apps from popular manufacturers:

  • Total Connect Comfort by Honeywell: For Android, Windows and iPhone, this app allows you to remotely monitor and manage your AC use. The app works with Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostats and with Prestige®, Prestige® IAQ, Wireless FocusPRO® and EConnect™ Comfort Systems when used with Honeywell’s Internet Gateway.
  • ecobee Smart Thermostat: For Android, Windows and iPhone, the interface of this app looks just like your thermostat screen at home for easy navigation. You can remotely control your ecobee Smart Thermostat, adjusting temperatures, scheduling or updating vacation events, and more.
  • Nest: For Android, Windows and iPhone, this app allows you to connect to your Nest Learning thermostat remotely, as well as Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide monitors. Adjust your settings from anywhere and receive notifications on-the-go.