How To Change The Water Panel On The Aprilaire 600 Whole Home Humidifier

Before you begin any maintenance, your first steps are to turn off the water supply, unplug the system, and turn off the electrical source to the furnace. To replace your water panel, first take off the front cover on your Aprilaire 600 humidifier. This easily snaps out of place. You will notice on a new, unused water panel, that there is a white, metal mesh coating all over it. This is normal. This coating actually helps aid the evaporation process. Over time, this mesh begins to deteriorate and gets clogged with mineral deposits from your water which causes the water panel to actually hinder the effectiveness of your humidifier. To remove the water panel, take it out of the frame, then take the top, the water distribution tray, off. Take a second to make sure that these holes are clear of any mineral build-up. If it needs it, run it under water pressure to remove. These are replaceable if does not clean off.

Then slide the water panel out and replace it with a new one with the colored spots at the TOP. Then reassemble the frame and reinsert it into the humidifier. For best performance, it is advised that you change your humidifier’s water panel once a season, possibly twice if you have hard water. With the Aprilaire 600 your automatic humidistat will notify you with a yellow indicator light when it is time to change your water panel. IF you have the 600M, you will have to use other resources to remind yourself when it is time to perform your seasonal maintenance. Remember, you can always consult your owner’s manual to get these step by step instructions in more detail. Or, if you feel most comfortable, you can have your contractor perform this annual maintenance for you.