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How To Find And Replace The Lennox X6670 Furnace Filter

How To Find and Replace Your Lennox X6670 Furnace Filter

Here are the step by step instructions explaining how to change the Lennox Healthy Climate X6670 Air Filter. This replacement process will take less than 5 minutes and no tools are needed! Just your hands and a new filter.

1.) Locate your HCC16-28 (Y2920) filter cabinet, it should be next to your furnace or air handler
2.) Unwrap your Lennox X6670 air filter
3.) Pull on the handle of the cabinet’s front panel to remove
4.) Slide the filter out using the cardboard handles
5.) Insert the new Lennox X6670 filter, making sure that the air flow arrows are pointed toward your furnace or air handler
6.) Make a reminder to replace the filter in 9 – 12 months

If you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out to our friendly customer service team!