About Us

Welcome to HVAC.com, the home of the fair deal. Even though central air conditioning became popular in the 1970s, the HVAC experience hasn't changed much in over 50 years. It is still full of overly-technical jargon, cryptic HVAC quotes, and (sometimes) the unmistakable feeling of being taken for a ride. Our mission is to change all that: to bring clarity, fairness, and good humor to the HVAC experience for every homeowner.

We’ve walked in your shoes

We know the struggle because we’re homeowners too. We all want a comfortable home — without needing to take on a second mortgage just to pay for a simple AC or furnace repair. That's why we've assembled a team of HVAC industry insiders who speak human, not technician. We’re the family friend that you call in a pinch to get honest guidance on all things HVAC — we’ve got your back.

The perfect blend of technology and HVAC expertise

Our technology veterans have created award-winning digital experiences in the consumer, telecom, and home services industries. And our HVAC insiders have seen it all, from leaky ducts to frozen coils, and we've got the scars and stories to prove it. Together, we're creating a future where homeowners are empowered to get the help they need without any shenanigans.

Defenders of the fair deal

We believe everybody deserves a fair deal, full stop. That's why we've rolled up our sleeves to ensure that homeowners never feel the sting of being taken advantage of. Similarly, we know that HVAC contractors can face their own challenges. We’re just as committed to contractors getting treated as fairly as homeowners. It’s not a zero-sum game, everybody can win here.

Let’s bring it home

So, welcome to the HVAC.com family – where the only thing outdated is the notion that you have to overpay to have a great HVAC experience. We're not just the home of the fair deal, we're your partners in comfort, on a mission to keep your home happy, your wallet intact, and your sense of humor fully operational.



Leadership Team

Our team is obsessed with creating great homeowner experiences. We asked each other, “What is your most memorable experience at HVAC.com?”

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Chief Executive Officer

“The number of homeowners we have helped with QuoteScore has been 500% higher than I originally thought. So much for planning!”

Eric smilingLinkedIn Icon


Chief Financial Officer

“After living in several homes in the Charlotte area, I never realized how little I knew about my HVAC costs - embarrassing as a CFO!!”

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Head of Product

“The gratitude I hear from our customers has really validated our mission - it’s really rare to get this level of feedback when creating digital products.”

Kevin smiling



“Amazing to see how HVAC.com has helped so many homeowners - and aligned to many of the core principals we practiced when I was in the field selling HVAC systems.”

Michele smilingLinkedIn Icon


Director, People Operations

“I just work with the smartest people on the planet”

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Engineering Manager

“Millions of homeowners on our platform - an Engineers dream. And the disgusting things we eat on Taste Test Tuesdays.”

RJ smilingLinkedIn Icon


Senior Product Manager

“Seeing our product - engineering - operations teams gel. Our culture is second to none.”

Jessica smiling


Senior Front End Developer

“Updating our code weekly based on direct user feedback - the customer to development cycle is so fun to watch.”

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