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With more than a century of experience, Day & Night is known for its rugged, reliable HVAC systems. Yet with so many models to choose from, deciding which unit is right for you can be a challenge. This guide details all of Day & Night’s AC systems so you can choose the best one for your needs.

Types of Day & Night air conditioners

Day & Night air conditioners come in two basic types, each with its own benefits and drawbacks.

Split-system air conditioners provide traditional central AC. The compressor and condenser sit outside your home in a metal, weather-resistant cabinet. The evaporator, typically paired with a furnace or the indoor components of a heat pump, is placed in a cabinet indoors. Day & Night central air conditioners are available in a variety of sizes and models.

A package unit may be a better choice if you have limited space in your home. The entire system is packaged into a single unit that may be installed on a concrete pad outside or on your roof. Different models are available depending on your needs.

Day & Night air conditioner models

A key factor to consider when choosing a central air conditioner is its SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. A SEER number is calculated by dividing the cooling output by the amount of required electrical energy. The higher the SEER number, the more energy efficient the air conditioner. The SEER scale goes up to 23, and all new units sold need a SEER of at least 13.

The following section outlines what to expect from some of the most popular models of Day & Night AC units.

Constant Comfort Deluxe

The Constant Comfort Deluxe is Day & Night’s premium split-system air conditioner line. The CVA9 features SmartSense Technology, making continual small adjustments to keep your home at an ideal temperature despite weather fluctuations. It features a five-stage variable speed compressor and a high-efficiency variable speed fan. The SEER rating is 19.

The CCA7 is similar, though it lacks the SmartSense Technology. With a SEER rating of 17, a two-stage compressor, and a two-speed fan, the CCA7 offers a reasonable compromise between performance and price. Both the CVA9 and CCA7 can be integrated into a smart home communication system for remote access.

Constant Comfort

Constant Comfort is the mid-range line of Day & Night split-system air conditioners. The CSA6 has a SEER rating of 16, a single-stage compressor, and remote access capability when integrated into a smart home communication system. The rest of the line is nearly identical, though with slightly lower SEER ratings. The exception is the economical C4A3, which lacks remote communication ability.

Performance Series

The Performance Series is the Day & Night budget line of split-system AC units. Higher-end Performance Series models, such as the N4A7, are Energy Star certified with SEER ratings of 17 or 16; SEER ratings are a bit lower for the rest of the line. The N4A7 has a two-stage compressor, while the rest of the models in this line feature single-stage scroll compressors. Coastal residents may be interested in the N4A4**C, which is built to resist salt spray and other corrosive airborne pollutants. Those with small yards may prefer the compact, stackable NH4A4. This model is also a good choice for multi-family housing units with limited roof or ground space.

QuietComfort Deluxe

QuietComfort Deluxe is the premier Day & Night line of package units. The PAR5 is a 16 SEER unit with a two-stage scroll compressor, a multi-speed blower motor, and a two-stage, humidity-sensing thermostat. Heating is also available with an 81% AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) gas furnace in the PGR5.

Another option is the PHR5. This packaged heat pump system works by moving heat around. This process cools the home in the summer and warms it during the colder months. A heat pump can help you significantly lower your electric bills, especially if you live in a region without extreme heat or cold. The PHR5 features a SEER rating of 15.5 and an HSPF (heating season performance factor) of 8.5.


QuietComfort is the midrange line of package units by Day & Night. These units, such as the PAD4, are very similar to the QuietComfort Deluxe models, except that they feature single-stage scroll compressors and SEER ratings of 14-14.5. In addition to the standalone PAD4 air conditioner, these models include the PHD4 heat pump, the heat pump/gas furnace combination, and an air conditioner/gas furnace combination.

Performance Series Package Units

Day & Night also offers a Performance Series line of budget package units. Similar to the split-system Performance Series line, these are high-quality and economical choices. Their SEER ratings range from 14-14.5. Those without large yards may prefer the PAJ4 narrow-lot air conditioner or the PHJ4 narrow-lot heat pump.

Day & Night AC pricing

Central air conditioners can cost between $1,000 and $3,500 or more, plus installation. Factors that affect pricing include a model’s type, size, and features. Installation costs also vary widely depending on factors like ease of installation, existing ducts, and the size of your home. The best way to get an accurate price is to request an estimate from a local HVAC professional.

Day & Night AC warranty

Day & Night products carry a standard 10-year limited warranty on parts. Higher-end models have a No-Hassle Replacement warranty of up to 10 years on major components. Ask your dealer for detailed warranty information on your selected air conditioner.

Day & Night air conditioner reviews

To learn more about Day & Night AC units, read Day & Night air conditioner reviews on

Frequently asked questions

How much does a Day & Night air conditioner cost?

Day & Night air conditioners are available at a wide range of price points based on size, type, and features. Your HVAC professional can provide a detailed estimate based on an assessment of your home.

Where can I buy a Day & Night air conditioner?

Day & Night air conditioners are sold through authorized dealers. Find a dealer in your local area.

How long will a Day & Night AC unit last?

The typical life of a central air conditioner is 15-20 years, depending on how often it is used and how well it is maintained. If you live near the coast, consider choosing a corrosion-resistant model to protect against salt spray damage.